• A Location Aware, Multi-Sensor Wearable* For Android™ & iOS™

  • Out-of-Box, Cost-Effective Connectivity Anywhere In the World

  • Core 5G IoT Technologies: LTE-CatM1 & NB-IoT | Direct-to-Orbit Satellite

  • SDK Kit Featuring Power & Airtime Optimizer

  • Smaller, Smarter, Longer-Lasting  LPWAN IoT Powered By CASA™

*LEAP is designed for global use and complies with FCC, PTCRB, GCF and SAR certification standards. LEAP will be available for sale once regulatory certifications are issued by the regulatory bodies. LEAP is designed as a fully integrated certified product.

Venture Farther With An Unprecedented Peace of Mind

 IoT-Optimized Sensor Networks |  Build a More Powerful Precision Agriculture Platform

Next-Level Fleet & Asset Tracking

Best-in-Class Battery Life | Smallest Form-Factor | Anytime-Anywhere

Fast track your deployment.

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