The World’s Smallest, Most Advanced Tracking Device

  • A Location Aware, Multi-Sensor Wearable* For Android™ & iOS™

  • Out-of-Box, Cost-Effective Connectivity Anywhere In the World

  • 5G-Ready | Core 5G IoT Technologies: LTE-CatM1 & NB-IoT

  • Direct-to-Orbit Satellite Connectivity

  • SDK Kit Featuring Power & Airtime Optimizer

  • Smaller, Smarter, Longer-Lasting  LPWAN IoT Powered By CASA™

  • Best-in-Class Battery Life | Smallest Form-Factor | Anytime-Anywhere

*LEAP is designed for global use and complies with FCC, PTCRB, GCF and SAR certification standards. LEAP will be available for sale once regulatory certifications are issued by the regulatory bodies. LEAP is designed as a fully integrated certified product.

Venture Farther With An Unprecedented Peace of Mind

With LEAP, sending distress signals from locations without any cell tower reception is now possible. Being able to send SOS alerts even from most remote places reliably, LEAP is an ideal solution for the adventurers, backpackers, hikers and jungle trekkers.

Explore any corner of the world with no fear when you have your little but powerful LEAP in your pocket. Send messages to your family that you are well or reach out for help in case of an emergency in the middle of nowhere.

With global connectivity in your palm, your path to adventure becomes limitless. Indulge in mother nature like never before with LEAP.

Transcend barriers with human lifestyle-enhancing features like movement trackinglocation trackingpath tracking and global messaging.

IoT-Optimized Sensor Networks

Build a More Powerful Precision Agriculture Platform

Maintaining the right greenhouse air temperature is essential for crops farming. LEAP sends regular alerts with temperature readings or when temperature readings go overboard, depending on the user preferences. The cooling system can be deployed if overheat detected.

LEAP is a viable alternative to Google Nest Learning Thermostat, which can be costly and needs extensive wiring to operate.

Irrigation systems also benefit from LEAP, which lets you measure the ambient temperature to know when to water the plants in the garden or farm.

Upgrade your agriculture and farming management with features like temperature sensing and movement tracking.

Next-Level Fleet & Asset Tracking

LEAP empowers managers with real-time path, position, and distance tracking of the vehicles in their fleet, eliminating unnecessary routes and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Vehicle fleet management is made easy for entrepreneurs with LEAP. Know the distance travelled, and the route taken by each vehicle helps you to avoid fraud by employees and averting loss to the business.

Speed tracking alerts you if your drivers are speeding, helping you increase the vehicle’s life. Path tracking enables you to avoid longer routes or toll routes, helping you optimize the vehicle routes.

Empower your vehicles with features like movement trackinglocation tracking, path trackingspeed tracking, and emergency messaging.

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