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Future Proof Your IoT Solution

Hardware lies the heart of the IoT revolution, and Innowave’s combination of novel architecture and strategic partnerships differentiate our highly-efficient edge devices.

Reliable, cost-effective regional and global data plans structured for anytime anywhere IoT connectivity.

World-wide connection via satellite, LTE CAT-M/NB-IoT, GPS/GNSS and BTLE.


Satellite IoT

Satellite is the last frontier of ubiquitous connectivity. Having executed design work for a major LEO satellite company, we have a deep understanding of satellite-based communication systems, design of satellite radio and satellite antennas. Testimonials of our satisfied customers can be shared upon request and signing Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements.

5G IoT Begins Here

Our SIM is able to roam to multiple mobile operator networks from any country at any time, before selecting the strongest network available at any given time and location.

The signal strength of a mobile operator (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile and others) varies based on location and time. We are independent, and without a preference for specific mobile operators.

Optimal coverage and quality of service are achieved through access to several mobile networks in every country. Our SIM instantly checks and roams to the strongest mobile network at any time and any place.

Mission Critical Connectivity

Multi-operator coverage, superior data service quality, and resilience to outages, whether your application is global, regional or local. It is also one of the first to support the new GSMA eSIM/eUICC specification for remote operator provisioning critical to many new IoT use cases. Our cellular service specifically designed for mission critical mobile and fixed IoT use cases.

More access to more MNO networks than any single roaming SIM. Our customers benefit from devices being connected more often and a simplified, more cost effective single SIM solution to IoT connectivity.

Plug & Play. Anywhere in the World

Our embedded Subscriber Identification Module (eSIM) is enables clients worldwide to provide high-quality, multi-regional, and country-specific cellular services for IoT devices.

Supports any device with a cellular chipset, including both consumer electronics and M2M devices.

Obtain cellular connectivity out of the box. No more needing to insert  an active SIM card, joining a Wi-Fi Network, or connecting to an Ethernet cable to obtain network access.

5G IoT Has Arrived.
Is your IoT solution future-proof?

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